Pellet Fuel

 Easy Heat Pellets 255.00 per ton

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Forest Pride 315 per ton  due 11/1
 Lignetics  290.00 out of stock, receiving delivery?
Tru-Wood Premium 300.00 per ton

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Fuel Blocks

Must be stored in dry place inside. Follow manufactures guidelines to prevent overloading of appliance.

 Bagged Anthracite Coal

 360.00 per 1.2 ton pallets

  330.00 per 1 ton pallet

instock,  Stove and rice coal

instock, Nut & Pea coal

Bio Diversity Press Fuel Blocks (envi blocks) 220.00 per ton In Stock

About Our Products

Energex Premium Hardwood Pellets

Energex manufactures premium grade wood pellet fuel for use in residential pellet stoves and residential furnaces and boilers. These pellets are designed also to work well in woodstoves and fireplaces fitted with the Prometheus Pellet Fuel Basket. 

Energex manufactures hardwood and softwood varieties of pellets. Both types of pellets are made from clean sawdust that is free of additives and bark. 

Energex Residential Pellets exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute's premium grade standard. Our softwood pellets are designed to burn hotter and have been tested to yield a BTU value averaging between 8300 to 8500 BTUs per pound (on a dry basis). Their average ash content is less than 1% and moisture content is 5% to 6%. 

The pellets are packaged in sealed in 40 pound plastic bags and palletized with a plastic "hood" leaving a tight, weather resistant product. 

Also available: Energex Super Premium Hardwood Pellets

Pennwood Premium Wood Pellets

Pennwood Products produces a premium wood pellet in addition to a wide range of other quality wood products.  All of Penn Wood’s line of products are  manufactured through process that is beneficial to our environment. Our premium wood pellet line provides a high quality renewable energy source that is clean, efficient and far exceeds all standards for a premium pellet as defined by the Pellet Fuel Institute. We produce our pellets from the highest quality hardwood available in 40 lb bags sold by the ton. Our pellets consistently provide clean and warm heat for those very cold winter days and help keeps out the chill of fall and spring.

Pennwood Fuel Pellet Specifications:

  • Penn Wood products produce a premium hardwood pellet that meets and exceeds the Pellet Fuel Institute standards.
  • Ash content is less than 3/10 of 1%. This surpasses the premium pellet standard of 1%.
  • 8400 BTU per pound
  • Pennwood Pellets are made of Oak sawdust
  • The sawdust is clean and of a specific moisture content to produce a premium pellet.
  • No bonding agents used to density wood fiber at any time during the process.

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