Pellet Fuels

Easy Heat Pellets 255.00 per ton

12/1 for next truck

Forest Pride Pellets 315 per ton instock
Lignetics Pellets  290.00 out of stock, receiving delivery?

Tru-Wood Premium Pellets

300.00 per ton

out of stock, next truck due 11/24

Coal (Bagged Anthracite) & Pressed Wood Fuel Blocks

Fuel Blocks must be stored in a dry room. Follow the guidelines set forth with your stove and those of the fuel manufacturer to prevent overloading of your stove.

 Bagged Anthracite Coal


325.00 per 1 ton skid

Stove, rice,

nut and pea sizes

In stock

Bio Diversity Press Fuel Blocks (envi blocks) 320.00 per one ton skid In Stock